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八尋企画 Yahiro Project

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八尋美樹 (やひろみき)

a.k.a. アンジャリ

▶︎ 神奈川県茅ヶ崎市生まれ

▶︎ ブラジル・サンパウロで幼少期を過ごす

▶︎ 東京外国語大学インドネシア語科卒

▶︎ 1997年に単身インドを訪れ3ヶ月を各地で過ごし、インドの舞踊と映画に心酔

▶︎ 女子ひとり旅ライターとして雑誌・ガイドブック・ムック本を多数制作&執筆

▶︎ 秘境系旅行会社にてインドを担当、ツアー企画および添乗業務に携わる

▶︎ 2001年から約5年間にわたりインドとロンドンを拠点に世界各国を放浪

▶︎ 2006年から外資系証券会社にて約10年間コンプライアンス業務に携わる

▶︎ 2019年現在、テーマのあるツアーの企画・同行インド旅講座の開催等を行なっている

▶︎ 主にツイッターにて『アンジャリ』名義でインド最新情報を発信

▶︎ 趣味はインド古典舞踊バラタナティアムとMCUのヒーロー映画

▶︎ 東京都内で小学生の娘と暮らす

Miki Yahiro, also known as Anjali, is the Indo-Japan Cultural Ambassador: Born in Japan, spent a few years of childhood in Brazil, Miki was first of all fascinated by Indian classical dances and the charm of Indian films as a young backpacker in 1997.


Having had many works on guidebooks and travel articles on magazines, Miki started to work as a professional, India specified tour guide in 2000, followed by five years "sabbatical" leave in the UK/India/Japan. 


Career change was made in 2006 though, as a Compliance Officer in German based financial conglomerate company. Having spent ten years working on equity trade monitoring, insider information control, regulators' inspection specialist and Compliance training, Miki decided, in 2016, to go back to her old field, India related business. 


Miki, at the moment, organises her own tours to India, bringing bunch of Indian film fans from Japan to, for example, Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad where the blockbuster movie "Baahubali" was shot. Miki is also a learning Bharatanatyam dancer herself and a die-hard fan of Marvel hero movies. Located in Tokyo Japan with her beloved daughter.